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Giga Robotics is a new and innovative robotics company that is focused on bringing new and fun things in robotics to consumers.

What We Do

Here at Giga Robotics we commercialize consumer friendly robotic machines. We provide a fun and exciting way for adults and children to utilize the machines and
enjoy their creations.

Our Vision

In the coming years you’ll have a Giga Robotics robot in your city, or even at your party! We focus primarily on the state of Texas in the United States, but we are working on moving outside of Texas. The robotic machines we provide at Giga Robotics are recession and pandemic proof. Our robots do not require face-to-face human interaction or a staff of more than one person to maintain them.


Our robots provide a fun, safe, and clean service/ product and are sure to amaze every customer. Our team strives to deliver wonderful experiences and tasty products from our machines!

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